The Perfect Decor to Style Open Shelves in Your Home

Open shelving in your home is an easy efficient and versatile solution for décor and storage problems. But when it comes to styling them, most people get confused between how to decorate them and what to display. 

There's certainly a balance of keeping it looking presentable vs using the space as a clutter holder. 

So, whether you’re concerned about decorating the ones in your living room or styling them in your kitchen, we have a set of practical ideas and tips to help you out. 

Display Beautiful Vases


Maybe we are a bit bias with this one but grouping vases on open shelves to create an appealing display is the easiest hack of all.

Try to mix different shapes, tones, textures and sizes to go for an eclectic feel. This sets a slight touch of sophistication but easily put together.

If you only have a single vase and feel that it looks a little plain and out of place; pop a couple of decorative books underneath to give it a little height. 

Vases on open shelving can also be an excellent option for seasonal fillers. Add some beautiful cut flowers through spring time or twigs during fall or winter to add a seasonal flare.


Books and Magazines

If you’re someone who likes to read through a physical book in their hand, you know how quickly magazines and books can stack up. Use some of your favourite books or decorative books as display items for your shelving to make it look effortlessly put together.

These materials don't have to be too match-y, in fact it's more timeless when you pair books that have different widths, heights, cover materials. 

If you’re looking for both a design idea and storage solution, arrange them vertically and anchor them with some beautiful bookends.


 Image by @beige_and_co

Bring Nature on Shelves

Adding a bit of flora using your favourite pots can instantaneously bring life to your home. Choose plants with a visual appeal like edgy small, succulent, or those that drape down like Devil's Ivy. 

Depending on the height space of your shelf, you could really use stand out plants like a Montsera to add some volume.


Tying It In All Together

When arranging different items on your open shelves, make sure to add objects with varying heights for a large visual impact. Whether you pick a sleek, contemporary vase, or a tall unique piece of art, add something that draws your eye upward. 

Play with different tones and shades from either ends of the shelves for a more cohesive look. Our Monochromatic Collection is perfect for mixing and matching different type of shapes in the same family of colours.