Styling a self-care sanctuary with scent

In the busy, chaotic, and oftentimes disorienting environment of the modern world, many of us find refuge in the sanctuary of home. Creating a beautiful lifestyle for yourself isn’t limited to what you see, it can also include what you smell.

We’ve observed the connection of self-care with styling and scent. Think about the moment you step into a modern day spa or a beautiful boutique: the first impression is how the space smells, followed by how aesthetically pleasing it is to look out. You can’t help but feel at ease.
Feeling good in your own space doesn’t always happen organically. For most of us, it starts with an intention. To turn a space into a sanctuary requires making conscious choices about the objects you place in your home. Start with the beautiful décor that becomes a sight for sore eyes… then combine with uplifting, relaxing aromatherapy. Much like the finishing touch to an outfit, scent can complete your interior space, making it feel the most like home.
Are you ready to create a mindful zone of calm and connectivity? We have a few ideas to transform your home into a tranquil retreat.
Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. It’s also the simplest way to uplift your space. Create a vignette with some fresh blooms in a neutral vase, a coffee table book, and a bottle of your favourite essential oils. Keep them within arm’s reach, so you can reset your mind after a long day (a few drops in a diffuser can make all the difference). Ena’s essential oil blends are the ‘perfect match’ in the packaging department, with a minimalist design that looks good on display.
 Your bathroom can be reimagined as a day spa. With a few simple styling items, like a vase, vessel, Turkish towel or soap holder, you can ‘accessorise’ this functional room and fill it with your favourite things to look at whilst you run the tap and prepare a bath. Add a few drops of Ena essential oils to your bath (as you run the water) for a self-care soak. The soothing scent will fill the whole bathroom, making you feel like you’re at the spa without leaving the comfort of home.

Sometimes, the smallest acts of self-care need no styling. Keep an essential oil roll-on with you for a mindful moment on-the-go. Roll the essential oil onto a pulse point (wrist, behind the ears, neck, inner elbow, temples). Inhale the scent deeply, connect to the calm, and enjoy a pause in your day.

Just like a beautiful vase or vessel placed intentionally on a shelf, an aromatherapy moment is something you can always appreciate at home. It’s a moment you design yourself, for yourself.