Top Tips from an Interior Designer

When it comes to styling a home, there's nobody who understands creating a space that executes design exquisitely quite like interior designers.

We had the opportunity to interview Mary Cameron, an interior designer who’s been in the game for more than 25 years and definitely knows her fair share of interior design do’s and don’ts. 

We asked her to share some of her most important discoveries when it comes to space and styling.

Which colours make a home environment feel smaller?

When it comes to colour, less is alwaysmore. This is true even for the most daring colour palettes!

No matter what the colour scheme of a room is, it's important you strike the perfect balance between ‘statement’ and ‘refined sophistication’.

Obnoxiously conflicting colours are a big no, no! Carefully selecting colours that are in harmony with one another gives the room a very calming energy. When your eyes wander around a room, every unique detail should stand out. You know you’ve gone overboard when you’re not able to take in the beautiful details of a room. 

Each piece tells a story, and that story can only be heard when there is harmony in your interior design.


What are some interior design do’s and don'ts to avoid?

I tend to avoid trends when it comes to styling my clients homes. If you have an unlimited budget, then that’s a completely different story. You may be in a position where you can afford to constantly be updating all your pieces as the trends change. However most of my clients seek my help to create spaces that will withstand the testament of time.

Although interior design is constantly evolving and innovating, there are a few timeless principles that still ring true today. A soothing colour palette, brimming with hues of whites, creams and darker nudes not only inspires a sense of serenity and peace within your surroundings, it also inflates the perception of the environment's size. The absence of a myriad of conflicting colours and patterns is so important when it comes to creating beautiful interior spaces.


With Minimalist Interior Design taking off, how can you execute it so a space still feels like a home?

No matter what your colour scheme is, plants are always a good idea, particularly when you have a very light colour scheme as they help avoid the room looking too sterile.

One thing I absolutely love in any space is an arrangement of nature held in a beautiful vase. This really can tie a whole room together, and the effect is absolutely gorgeous! Depending on your taste, you may love the effect of dried florals that sit in a textured vase with a beautiful shape such as the Agatha Vase in Matte White. Or alternatively, if you’re looking for some natural colour in the room, some greenery in a pot as gorgeous as the Bernadita Pot is your way to go. This subtle touch of colour can do wonders for making a space feel like home.

If you’re finding a room looking a bit too plain and it has that clinical look you want to avoid, it may be needing some texture. My favourite way to mix things up is by adding a crisp and textured vase such as the Yanina Vase as a stand alone piece. Add some dried florals or leave it empty. This piece is undeniably gorgeous regardless of what’s in it.

So there you have it! Some top do’s and don’t from an interior designer.

As the world continues forward, interior design moves with it. The array of strategies to enhance a space within your environment progresses and is ever changing, but when it comes down to it the fundamentals of high quality design seem to withstand the testament to time, much like Mary Cameron’s interior design style!

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